3M 39045 Headlight Renewal Kit with Protectant

3M 39045 Headlight Renewal Kit with Protectant

3M 39045 Headlight Renewal Kit with Protectant is our top rated drill-based headlight restoration kit.

Quick Description:

  • Takes approximately 1 hour to complete
  • Drill Required
  • Helps improve night time visibility and appearance of vehicle
  • This kit includes:
    • 1 – 3M drill backing plate
    • 1 – 3M Masking Tape PN 0000 25 ft.
    • 4 – P800 grit white abrasive discs
    • 6 – P500 grit yellow discs
    • 1 – P3000 Trizact foam disc
    • 1 – Orange foam compounding pad
    • 1 – 1 oz. 3M headlight lens polish sample
    • 1 – Container of 3M protectant


  1. Apply 3M tape to any paint surface that may come in contact with the sandpaper
  2. Attach the 3M drill backing plate to your drill
  3. Attach the 500 grit sandpaper (gold) to the backing plate and dry sand your headlights
  4. Wipe off residue
  5. Attach the 800 grit sandpaper (white) to the backing plate and dry sand your headlights
  6. Wipe off residue
  7. Attach the P3000 Trizact foam disc (Light Gray) to the backing plate and wet sand your headlights
  8. Wipe off residue and dry headlight
  9. Attach the orange buffing pad to the backing plate
  10. Apply the included compound to the orange buffing pad and polish away any sanding marks
  11. Buff off any remaining compound
  12. Apply the 3M Synthetic Wax Protectant
  13. Buff off any remaining protectant.


  • Sandpaper is utilized in this kit.  This is important because it will help with removing the oxidation that has built up on your headlights.
  • Has stages of sandpaper to help remove stubborn oxidation
  • No Tools Required


  • Has a big jump in sandpaper (800-3000).  It should include a step in between like 1500 or 2000 wet sandpaper.

Our Rating:

4.75 Stars (4.75 / 5)

3M 39045 Headlight Renewal Kit with Protectant is a top performer for a DIY headlight restoration.  This headlight restoration kit requires a household drill.  The 3M 39045 Headlight Renewal Kit even includes paint protective tape and a sealant — which will help keep your paint safe from accidental sandpaper scuffs and the sealant will help your results last longer.  This kit is so highly rated because it includes all the necessary items to perform a quality headlight restoration, and can usually be found for under $30. If you do not have a drill, consider checking out our list of headlight restoration kits that don’t require tools.

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